Henry L. Palmer Widows

As Freemasons it is our distinct privilege to recognize the widows of our departed Brethren by presenting them with a pin which has worldwide Masonic significance and affords the wearer recognition and consideration wheresoever dispersed over the face of the earth.  It is our desire for it to be a reminder of her ties to us; a relationship where she will find friends in time of need, to join with her in times of gladness, and to welcome her as we continue our labors of Friendship, Brotherly Love and Truth.  Each year Henry L. Palmer Lodge #301 has a special ladies night where we always ensure the following widows are welcome and have transportation to attend.  Less We Forget!


Adams, Mrs.

Adison A.

Bahling, Mrs.

Carl R.

Baral, Mrs.

Jerome W.

Bartlog, Mrs.

Edward C.

Bischoff, Patricia

Robert D.

Bourantas, Mrs.


Chronus, Mrs.

Peter J.

Daemmrich, Mrs.

Albert C.

Damjanovich, Mrs.


Delaney, Violet

Lee A.

Differt, Mrs.

Elroy F.

Eliopu, Mrs.

John T.

Evenson, Nina

Robert E.

Fischer, Shirley

Herbert E.

Fredricks, Elvira

Elmer J.

Fuher, Betty

Lester N.

Gertz, Mrs.


Glasgow, Mrs.


Gurrath, Nellie


Hellrung, Mrs.

Andrew E.

Hepner, Mrs.

James H.

Hoffmeier, Mrs.

Arthur R..

Hornburg, Gertrude

Everon C.

John, Mrs.

Verdayne T.

Karow, Mrs.


Kay, Judy

Edward J. Sr.

Kenny, Mrs.

Chauncey C.

Krueger, Mrs.


Kuluras, Judith

Peter J.

Ladd, Mrs.

Robert W.

Landisch, Mrs.

Willis W.

Leahy, Mrs.

Carl F.

Luedke, Mrs.


Mallon, Mrs.


Miller, Harriet


Monson, Mrs.

George H.

Pfohl, Mrs.


Mueller, Mrs.


Pendergast, Mrs.

Maurice W.

Powell, Lee


Procopis, Mrs.

Frank R.

Randall, Mrs.

Wayne L.

Reinke, Mrs.

Roland E.

Resch, Edith

Donald C.

Riemer, Mrs.


Seraphim, Mrs.

Christ T.

Siedow, Mrs.


Sieke, Mrs.

Emil J. Sr.

Stendler, Jan


Van Maastricht, Mrs.

Lawrence W.

Wanke, Mrs.

Orlyn J.

Warber, Mrs.

Robert C.

Wegner, Mrs.

Lester E.

White, Mrs.

Eugene Jr.

Wright, Judy

George A.

Zarling, Dorothy

Roy G.